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Positive Thinking

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Compiled by Jayaram V

Books on Positive Psychology

Self-Discipline: Mental Toughness Mindset: Increase Your Grit and Focus to Become a Highly Productive (and Peaceful!) Person (Positive Psychology Coaching Series) (Volume 11)

A Primer in Positive Psychology (Oxford Positive Psychology Series)

The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work

Positive Psychology: Harnessing the power of happiness, mindfulness, and inner strength (Harvard Medical School Special Health Report Book 4)

Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology to Realize Your Potential for Lasting Fulfillment

Positive Psychology: The Scientific and Practical Explorations of Human Strengths

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness and Flourishing (PSY 255 Health Psychology)

Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm, and Confidence

Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness and Human Strengths

Activities for Teaching Positive Psychology: A Guide for Instructors

Other Links

Positive Thinking: The scientific and practical guide to change your thinking and change your life (Life Psychology Series) (Volume 4)

Apple Seeds - Provides quotations and short stories from eclectic sources that promote positive attitudes and development of holistic human dignity.

Marshall House - Offering personal empowerment consulting for a positive mental attitude. (Santa Monica) --

Future Mapping Services Ltd
- Using the technology of Future mapping creates the possibility of increased enthusiasm, positive behaviour change and the maintenance of a positive mental attitude. -- http://www.futuremapping.co.uk/

Business: Management: Education and Training: Materials and Supplies (

Escale-ebook.com - Attitude mentale et réalisation de soi : réussir sa vie par les pensées positives, les messages positifs, la relaxation et l'hypnose. -- http://www.escale-ebook.com

The Attitude of Survival
- Guide to the mental side of dealing with unexpected survival situations. -- http://www.backcountryattitude.com/survival_attitude.html

Attitude - New Zealand teenage depression. The youth division of Parenting with Confidence Inc. This site is designed to encourage mental and emotional resilience and to help teenagers make choices that will avoid them sabotaging their future. -- http://www.attitude.org.nz/

Jeff Keller: Attitude Is Everything, Inc. - Delivers keynote presentations and seminars aimed at building positive attitudes and increasing performance levels. -- http://www.attitudeiseverything.com/

Milwaukee Accordion Club - Our club's purpose is to stimulate a positive attitude toward the performance of music on the accordion . -- http://www.accordions.com/mac

New Jerusalem - A hard rock act with a spiritual groove. Positive vibes, messages and attitudes. -- http://www.graydot.com/support/njx.html

The Disability Coach - POWER - Dr. Kevin Roberts, a disabled clinical psychologist, presents a positive attitude development program for people with disabilities. Includes events details. -- http://www.thedisabilitycoach.com/

RADD - Nonprofit organization that uses celebrity power to create positive attitudes about road safety. -- http://www.radd.org

Mental Health America - Dedicated to promoting mental health, preventing mental disorders and achieving victory over mental illnesses through advocacy, education, research and service. News, event calendar, position statements, history, mental health facts, donation information. -- http://www.nmha.org/

Canadian Positive Psychology Network - This blog is about using positive psychology and logotherapy methods for treatment of existential anxiety and depression. -- http://www.dreampositive.info/

Crazy Meds - Mental Illness With an Attitude - A guide to psychiatric medications from first-hand experience, anecdotal evidence and personal research. -- http://www.crazymeds.us/

Shot Doctor Basketball, International - Offers camps to teach shooting technique and basic offensive skills, while emphasizing the proper attitude and mental approach to basketball. -- http://www.shot-doctor.com

Positive Thinking - Provides tips and advice on mental health, body image and stress management. -- http://positiveteens0.tripod.com/positivethinking/

Mental Game Plan - A program that develops and evaluates the mental attitudes of competitive athletes for improved game performance. Improves coach and player communications and provides a working program used by the player and coach during the season. -- http://www.mentalgame.com

Crisis or Challenge? - A Guide to Bereavement Stress and Modern Day Terror - An on-line guide for teachers, parents and those who have been victims of terror attacks, traumatic crisis, and long-term stress. A special section on the tradition Jewish attitude to mourning is included. -- http://www.crisis.org.il/

Children's Mental Health Ontario - Information on promoting environments that support positive mental health and quality children's mental health services in Ontario, Canada. -- http://www.cmho.org/

Children's Mental Health Ontario - Promotes environments that support positive mental health and quality children's mental health services. -- http://www.kidsmentalhealth.ca/

Essential Steps for Positive Thinking

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