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Stress is the physical and mental strain which we experience when we deal with any demand from outside or from inside. Many physical and mental health problems are directly or indirectly related to stress. Unfortunately, many stress related health problems cannot easily be connected to their source. Hence, in many cases the problem of stress remains a hidden problem, and a silent threat. Stress affects everyone. Since, we have to cope with many problems and face numerous pressures, no one is free from it. However, stress does not equally affect everyone. Some are better at dealing with it or recovering from it.

Stress is also of different types, ranging from routine stress to acute and chronic stress. Stress may arise due to extraneous factors such as change of job, problems in relationship or threats, or due to intrinsic factors such as health and attitudinal problems. Mild stress is considered useful and necessary to remain focused, perform tasks or keep oneself out of danger. However, long-terms stress is harmful abd can lead to many complications. Stress can be overcome in healthy ways such as finding the causes and addressing them, engaging in relaxing and fun filled activities, taking adequate rest, choosing a healthy lifestyle, seeking professional help, etc. In this section we are proving a list of articles on the subject of stress and managing stress.

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